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Our Mission Statement:  The mission of NIGEL MARK is to sell fashionable and quality women & men clothing; primarily through fabulously merchandising and at the best prices.

Our Definite Purpose:  "To be true stewards of all that Divinity has entrusted to us; to have a positive influence in our interpersonal interactions and the way we treat all customers and others in our community who come in contact with NIGEL MARK.” - NMC

Our Stewardship Business Model

As we sell our merchandise, the goal of our mission is twofold: First, we see ourselves as commissioned by Divinity to be extraordinary stewards of all that has been given to us.  Secondly, as serve in our operational roles, we strive to be extraordinary stewards in our interpersonal interactions and the way we treat others; from ownership and managers to each Team NIGEL MARK (NM) member, as well as each customer we interact with online.  

As we pursue both of these objectives with excellence, we will individually and collectively contribute to our overall idea of stewardshipStewardship is NIGEL MARK’s business strategy and philosophy that challenges a narrow focus on “the bottom line.” 

In fact, NIGEL MARK emphasizes replacing self-interest with accountability and service to something bigger. Within our stewardship model, NIGEL MARK adopt an inclusive view that seeks to benefit all stakeholders affected by our business activities, including employees, suppliers, customers, community and the environment.

Nigel Mark, the brand, was created when one man took a chance on the vision that was in his head and determination to make that vision a reality.  Nigel Mark is a native of Guyana, South America and relocated to the USA in 1984. At an early age he decided that fashion was the first and most important impression you could make on anyone that you came across.

Nigel Mark has been involved in the retail industry in various aspects for over 19 years.  In 2001 he created his first brand called NIGE with the slogan: Now I’ve Got Everything) in Atlanta, GA.  In the first store he opened in Atlanta, GA he opted to sale women's clothing only with a focus on jeans. In retrospect he decided he may have missed the opportunity to make the male shopper as pleased as the female when it came to their shopping experience; whether online or in the retail atmosphere.

After being exposed to the retail fashion business in Atlanta, GA and Pittsburgh, PA in 2015 Nigel Mark moved to Dallas, TX and made Dallas its base.

Come experience premium clothing items to accommodate your lifestyle. In fact, you’ll feel how you look, and you live how you feel. Cheers!  

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