Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness | Nigel Mark


NIGEL MARK is the fast becoming one of the best fashion brands in the world.

Our Definite Purpose:  
"To be true stewards of all that Divinity has entrusted to us; to have a positive influence in our interpersonal interactions and the way we treat all customers and others in our community who come in contact with NIGEL MARK.” - NMC

Our Stewardship Business Model
As we sell our merchandise, the goal of our mission is twofold: First, we see ourselves as commissioned by Divinity to be extraordinary stewards of all that has been given to us.  Secondly, as serve in our operational roles, we strive to be extraordinary stewards in our interpersonal interactions and the way we treat others; from ownership and managers to each Team NIGEL MARK (NM) member, as well as each customer who enters our store or we interact with online.  

As we pursue both of these objectives with excellence, we will individually and collectively contribute to our overall idea of stewardship Stewardship is NIGEL MARK’s business strategy and philosophy that challenges a narrow focus on “the bottom line.” 

NIGEL MARK has an incredible opportunity to give back. NIGEL MARK KINDNESS is the official program focused on charitable giving and advocacy. We support charities that empower women, men and communities across the globe, and will pledge donations to various organizations this year. NIGEL MARK KINDNESS aims to help create greater economic opportunities and an improved quality of life for all.

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