Face Masks Should Be A Fashion Statement

Face masks aren’t going anywhere soon, so it’s time to elevate your mask options to make a fashion statement—just like with any other accessory. Function comes first, so if sticking with an N95 mask is best, put your safety first. For general coverage while heading back to work or running essential errands consider the tips below.

Have Fun With Your Masks
With masks on the rise, you may need to rotate 3 or more masks per day while at work. So, have fun with it! Choose a few solid neutral or vibrant colors, but mix in masks with fun patterns and prints. Your mask can match or contrast with your outfit, whichever you prefer. If you are crafty consider adding sequins, rhinestones, or let the kids add puff paint. Just be mindful not to puncture your cloth masks, so avoid sewn-on embellishments.

Choose A Mix Of Styles
In addition to fun prints, order a mix of mask styles, for both comfort and function. For example, wearing masks with ear straps every day may be uncomfortable. If you are doing something active, choose a neck gaiter instead. Mask that go around your head may be more comfortable, so try a bandana effect mask

Carry Disposable Masks With You
Washable masks are a greener alternative but it’s a good idea to carry a few disposable masks too. Masks protect you from intentionally infecting others if you aren’t aware you have COVID-19. So if you are going somewhere that is heavily populated and can’t ensure social distancing, you may want to wear an N95 mask. Also, keep a zip top baggie in your car, purse or laptop bag with disposable masks for when your cloth mask gets hot or sweaty, if you accidentally leave the house without a mask, or if you need to give one to someone else.

Here’s to your health, safety, and style!