Fashion Tips For Women With Curves

Nigel Mark celebrates women of every shape and size which is why we have an entire line dedicated to women with curves! No, not all the current fashion trends will work with your curves, but many of them will. These stand-out fashion tips will ensure you always feel confident and beautiful while embracing your curves.

Create A Waist
You want your dresses and jumpsuits to have structure and flow, but if they aren’t a bit fitted, they will hide your curves—instead of accentuating them. So, choose dresses and jumpsuits that are appropriately tapered. The goal is to create a waist, either a high waist below your breasts or something that cinches in at your mid-section. Look for designs with built-in cinching such as this versatile plus size LBD or add a belt you already own.

Making Stripes Work
Yes, you can wear stripes with curves! It’s true, horizontal stripes can make you look larger, and feel less confident. The key is in finding stripes that are thin enough, properly spaced, and designed in a flattering angle. This striped plus-size jumpsuit is ideal. It has thin diagonal stripes on top with darts to accentuate the girls, and slimming vertical stripes from the waist down. It skims the body and has a bit of spandex for all-day comfort.

Color, Patterns And Prints
Yes, you can wear color, patterns, and prints! Just like stripes, you need to know how to find the right color, patterns and prints to flatter and accentuate your curves. When it comes to color, choose colors that compliment your skin tone. This means you may not be able to wear your favorite color or the season’s trending colors. Go head to toe when you want to be bold, or work pops of color in here and there. When it comes to patterns and prints, small to medium sizes are the most flattering. Or designs that flow from small to larger like in this timeless floral dress.

Fit And Flow
You can do head to toe body-skimming, but you can’t do head to toe flow. So, if you have an oversized, A-line, or flowing blouse—pair it with a slim bottom. This could be a pencil skirt, leggings, or skinny jeans. If you have wide-leg pants or a billowing or A-line skirt, your top must be fitted. Sometimes tucking in a looser top will create the perfect balance. 

Hemline Means Everything
Find a trusted tailor to hem your pants, skirts, tops, and even your sleeves. They can also create a bit more structure and shape where needed. So, if you try on a blouse and it falls a bit too long, have it shortened. If you prefer longer skirts and dresses, most look best no more than halfway between your knee and ankle. Much longer and it can throw off your proportions, not always but most often. Always try pairing longer skirts with a nude heel, as they create the figure-flattering length you require.

Celebrate your curves in nighties and lingerie that make you feel sexy! When it comes to your day-to-day bras, you need designs that keep your breasts lifted—centered evenly between your elbow and shoulder. Shaper shorts slim, smooth, and lift your butt under lightweight and less structured materials. Shaper corsets slim, smooth, accentuate your waist, and lift your butt. Or sometimes all you need is a simple slip or camisole.

Whatever your size, embrace your curves and love the body you’re in!